Bill Blackolive & Roy Applegate on “A Perfect Duluth Day”


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Things slow here. Got this palm sized computer, super-phone, which is yet too difficult for me, but am waiting for a laptop, so should soon be back to form, will catch up on NAD and so forth, Real Deal, during seeming most insane moment of our government ever.
Rarely do I use the house computer, this is first time this trip.
I read for second time THE AMERICAN DREAM, a big work, unique. Am again into DULUTH. Much fun, maybe DULUTH is my favorite.
Chuck, hello.
— Bill

Reading it again, Mike, that big book—a second read. Down through Chapter 40, right now. Got to say it again: Wow! Might sound corny, but nobody does it better—not for me, anyway.

If they don’t make it into a movie, they’re missing something big. Or, maybe Fox North ought to do a season-long series out of it. Somebody needs to pay attention, here

Right in the middle of Fair Week, Mike. Started last Saturday. That’s where I met my wife, 40some years back.

Really like reading about Penny, all them Duluth others. Never read nothing like it before, nothing even close. Looking so forward to your next one. Probably time I bought one, though—past time.

Still, I like the personal note you write in the ones you send.

— Roy

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