by Mike Palecek


“’We Are Boston,’ read the words on the big electronic board. ‘We Are Strong.’

“Moments later, a sense of home truly came to the big building on Causeway Street, with longtime anthem singer Rene Rancourt stepping out to his well-worn turf just beyond the Zamboni entrance. With his misty eyes glistening and the Boston Fire Department color guard at his side, Rancourt began his a cappella version of The Star-Spangled Banner.

“But by the words, ‘What so proudly we hailed,’ Rancourt turned silent, the Causeway Crooner instead adopting maestro duties, out there now only to lead the proud, strong voices in the stands. The Garden choral singers hit their crescendo on the words, ‘rockets red glare.’ And at the end of it all, there was Rancourt, pointing into the stands and pumping a fist, just the way he used to be. Before.

“‘I had to be in the building tonight,’ said Waltham’s Greg Penta, a longtime season ticket-holder. ‘I mean, what choice do you have? It’s a Boston statement, you know, “Here we are, look at us, everyone wants to be here and no matter what, we’re not just going away.’”

– Boston Globe, April 17, 2013

“The site of the rallies on the outskirts of Nuremberg, particularly the enormous Zeppelin Meadow, was conspicuous for its monumental architecture and landscaping. The Nazis pioneered elaborate staging and lighting techniques to give the annual celebrations the character of sacred religious rituals with Hitler in the role of High Priest. The function of the ceremonies was to manufacture ecstasy and consensus, eliminate all reflective and critical consciousness, and instill in Germans a desire to submerge their individuality in a higher national cause.”

– The Nazi Germany Sourcebook: An Anthology of Texts, Stackelberg & Winkle

I work at a group home.

And I recall one of the residents a while back watching the Jodi Arias trial on the TV, so we saw hours and hours of detailed examination of that murder case.

If we had a real press, we would get that sort of nuanced, enthusiastic, full-blown coverage and discussion of the Boston bombing, the Sandy Hook case, 911, the anthrax scare, the RFK, MLK and JFK murders, not to mention Waco and Oklahoma City, and this would not be a nation headed full-speed down hill with the brakes blown, toward fascism.

The video you can view online of the law enforcement officers forcing the people out of their homes in Watertown, Massachusetts reminds me of being herded off the prison bus into the federal penitentiary at Terre Haute with rifles and shotguns pointed at us. You know at that point that America is not what it says it is, and you are not who you thought you were.

The whole fake Boston scenario as seen on TV and in the minds of most Americans is based on the false idea that 911 was done by al-Queda. Unbelievably that meme is still there, and this all comes from that, from false information spewed on purpose, with a purpose.

A while back you may have caught the lines being uttered by radio talk show hosts — that the fake bombers were radicalized, inspired by the internet. What do you suppose that’s going to mean.

“If he wished, he could linger here in comfort, and follow the entire hunt on through its swift phases, down alleys, across streets, over empty running avenues, crossing lots and playgrounds, with pauses here or there for necessary commercials, up other alleys, and so on to this house with himself, seated, drinking, while the Electric Hound snuffed down the last trail, silent as a drift of death itself, skidding to a halt outside that window there. This if he wished, Montag might rise, walk to the window, keep on eye on the TV screen, open the window lean out, look back, and see himself dramatized, described, made over, standing there in the bright small television screen from outside a drama to be watched objectively, knowing that in other parlors he was large as life, in full color, dimensionally perfect, and if he kept his eye peeled quickly he would see himself, an instant before oblivion being punctured for the benefit of how many civilian parlor-sitters who had been wakened from sleep a few minutes ago by the frenetic sirening of their living room walls to come watch the big game, the hunt, the one-man carnival.

Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury

Americans watched their TVs in their living rooms.

Their TV sets as big as their living rooms, watching the police search for the terrorists, and before that the stadium crowd sang the national anthem and all the radio announcers the next day talked about that the whole day, as perhaps the radio announcers in Nazi Germany railed against the perpetrators of the Reichstag fire and shouted lullabyes to the sleeping folk recounting the glorious rally of tens of thousands the night before in the stadium at Nuremberg.

… The New American Dream means never having to say some question or idea is not valid.
We are allowed to ask any questions that we have … there are no wrong questions. There is no hidden black military budget, there are no UFO files Americans cannot see, no JFK documents that will not be opened during our lifetimes, no destroyed RFK murder photos by the L.A. police, no evidence from Ground Zero taken away before we can even look at it — we are not the U.S.S.R. of the 1960s — this is supposed to be America. That is our dream, to become America, The New America, the real hope of the world.

… We have a dream …

… of bringing the United States politicians, journalists and generals who have brought about this long ten-year war and debacle to trial — and put on TV just like O.J. — every afternoon — so every American can watch … just like the McCarthy Hearings and the JFK funeral procession …

What we need is a New American Dream.

Not of new homes and toasters and microwaves, but of becoming the type of country we always thought we were.

And part of that is becoming the quality of people who are capable of telling the truth.

Right now we live on lies. We subsist on lies, but it’s not really living.

911 was an inside job.

Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden.

They all know that and yet they refuse to acknowledge what they know. They kill and continue to kill. They allow others to die and continue to send others to their deaths for a lie.

Boston Strong. Let’s Roll. Be All You Can Be.

All advertising slogans.

What we need in America is a Truth Commission like they had in South Africa to heal their broken country.

Our country is surely broken as well.

We need a Truth Commission. We need to put certain people on the stand and we need to be allowed to ask questions.

The troops are not protecting us. That is someone’s spin on the day’s news – somebody’s advertising slogan — someone else’s sermon.

The troops serve the empire. They are not heroes. They kill and plunder for the empire. American bases overseas serve nobody but the empire. The heroes in our country are the protesters, the ones who go face to face with the empire.

You have to know that Barack Obama knows the whole truth about the 9/11 attacks. He is complicit. He has lied. He has continued the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan based on a lie. And he knows he is lying.

He lied right to our faces on national television when he said that Osama bin Laden had been killed … and buried at sea. … Osama bin Laden was buried at sea … and Jessica Lynch was rescued heroically, the U.S.A. does not torture, Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, George Bush won the 2000 election, see, there is a plane there in that hole in Shanksville, it went all the way into that hole and no, there is no blood and no bodies and no luggage scattered … or plane parts … and, if we thought there were people buried down there, wouldn’t you think we would have tried digging in to save them, but we just stood around, walking around this hole in the ground, like we knew that’s all it was … and Osama bin Laden … was buried at sea. …

Remember the anthrax letters, which said “Are You Afraid?” Those were not written with a rock and chisel like Fred Flintstone from the recesses of some cave in Afghanistan. Those letters came from persons within our own government.

Like a horror movie and the killer is in the same house with us.

These killers are right here, with us and “they” want us to be afraid.

We cannot be afraid.


“The Boston Marathon Bombing: A Compendium of Research and Analysis”

10 thoughts on “BOSTON WRONG”

  1. I would be interesting if your composition included evidence and not conjecture, the machine oil of all conspiracy theory.

    1. It would be nice if you did your own research on questions you have. Then you might develop critical thought processes, and others like you might follow, and ultimately we won’t be in this shitty spot.

      Ignorance and the desire to be spoon fed by a talking head, the machine oil of all tyranny.

    2. Bart, that’s actually kind of funny. There is no one alive who, believing the Boston Bombing or 9/11 were real terrorist attacks, goes around to the “crazies” websites to see what they are saying. They avoid articles like the one above like the plague. If they happened on an article like this, they would leave as fast as possible and NEVER leave a comment. Those people’s blood actually curdles at the thought of anything against what they heard on TV. VerI K. Speer’s description of cognitive dissonance in “The Pied Piper of Babylon” nails it as to why. So seeing your comment, it very obvious you are paid to leave comments like the one you did.

      You ask for evidence, but there no evidence that will suffice if you have to ask for it. Evidence is discovered and understood by each person individually as he searches for answers to the questions he has. Mike is way past evidence, in my opinion. He would not have written the article above if he had not seen the evidence and convinced himself that what he was writing was true.

      Mike, thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts on the web. A lot of people appreciate it.


    1. I’m not asking he think for me; if you read more clearly I am simply requesting that he back up his plentiful assertions. I made up my mind long ago.

      Now please think before you respond.

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