“Notes … from the perimeter”


by Mike Palecek

Good morning on Good Friday.

I know, right?

It snowed again Wednesday, maybe four inches. Snowblower has a flat tire. Will have to scoop or get the tire fixed or wait on the sun.

I wanted to respond a little to the feedback I have received this week regarding some of my pieces.

1) Re: “Are you serious about killing yourself.”

Well, no and yes.

In the piece I wrote I said, “I was going to kill myself, but then I didn’t.”

I was being flippant.

(I also had no idea that Michael Ruppert had actually already killed himself a few days before.)

But without going into great boring detail, I think that I have paid my dues to be able to joke about depression and hopelessness. It was hyperbole for the good of the column, but I did go through long stretches this winter.

Who didn’t? And you wonder sometimes, what’s the use? You just do. Or at least I do. But you keep going, because that’s what people do. If at all possible, that is. Deep depression is no joke. I did not have that this winter.

I do not remember exactly what that is like, who would want to, but I recognize it when it shows up at the door.

2) Re: “Killing George Bush”

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– I would sure hate to be you. It is so sad to be filled with so much hate and anger. Get away from your computer and go out a get a life.

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From Lydia Howell, a KFAI radio show host:

I think it’s a dumb idea to have a subject line like this “KILLING GEORGE BUSH”. It doesn’t make you a radical & it just draws negative attention.
Please reconsider such a foolish action in the future.

From Jim Fleming in New York City:

HI Mike, Just a head’s up about this piece. We published a story called “Killing the President” some years ago, and got a warning from the Feds about it, and this was in pre 9/11 days… Ya gotta be careful with this topic, or else ready to deal with some real shit…. Abrazos, Jim

… Well, I am half expecting federal agents to be pounding on the door at 5 am. That’s when they come. That’s what happened once in Omaha in the 1980s, also in response to something I wrote.

Of course, it’s serious. It’s also not. It’s fiction.

It’s meant to be art, to bring about a discussion of issues that would otherwise not be talked about in ways that only fiction, art can do.

Please read my comments at the bottom of the post, and then read KGB and let’s talk about why we let some people die as they do and live as they do, while we wave to others as they pass by in the parade.

And, if you love KGB, I think you will also love K Joe Stalin and K Idi Amin.


My post titled “Boston Wrong” got this response from a website named after the White Rose student resisters of Nazi Germany:

“Mike Palecek, you are being removed from this group for rules violation. Your promoting a softly written right wing conspiracy ideology in many of your writings and that is something this group will not abide and THIS sir, is frankly offensive.”

And this from Eric Chandler of the Lake Superior Writers group:

“I disagree with your writing Mike. However I’d love to see you share it face to face with people who lost family on 911. And with those who are missing arms and legs and family members in Boston. That would be a hoot.

ME: Eric, hello and thanks for comment. I do think that people died on 911. I just don’t think it was perpetrated by Muslims with box cutters. The government story is a lie. With Boston, I don’t think anyone died or lost limbs. I respectfully submit that in this case it would be helpful if you would do a little more study. I know how that sounds, but if you could go here and read I do think it would help. (memoryholeblog – James Tracy)

Eric Chandler: I swore to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. You are exercising your right to look just as ridiculous as you want. I wish you had a larger forum so more people could hear your opinions.

ME: If you are serious about that you need to look at the Bushes, Clinton, Obama. These are your/our real enemies.

Eric Chandler: Sorry, I have to go back to actual studying. Plus, I misplaced my tin-foil hat.

4) And in response to a portion of the “Bart Is Dead” piece where I asked why liberal bloggers do not seem to want to ‘go there’ on 9/11, Boston, Sandy Hook, etc., I got this from Mark Karlin a liberal blogger for Buzzflash/Truthout.

i see no reason to talk about 9/11 conspiracy theory
the world is imploding
the corporations run the world economy
we have a duopoly party running our nation
most of us are getting poorer and poorer
i’ll write till i die, but what is writing about 9/11 now going to do to save the Earth?

… And, so … I’m trying to understand why people don’t understand.

This quote was not sent to me by Karen Kwiatkowski. I found it somewhere, but it helps me to understand a little what is going on:

“I have been told by reporters that they will not report their own insights or contrary evaluations of the official 9/11 story, because to question the government story about 9/11 is to question the very foundations of our entire modern belief system regarding our government, our country, and our way of life.

“To be charged with questioning these foundations is far more serious than being labeled a disgruntled conspiracy nut or anti-government traitor, or even being sidelined or marginalized within an academic, government service, or literary career.

“To question the official 9/11 story is simply and fundamentally revolutionary. In this way, of course, questioning the official story is also simply and fundamentally American.”


Another Note: Please take a look at Jim Fetzer’s latest on Veterans Today, evidence that Sandy Hook elementary was not even a functioning school.

…. it’s all a play, a skit, a hoax, psychological operations in the US on US citizens.

They have done it elsewhere for decades. Why not here? Of course here.

Especially here. …


On Thursday on the radio show one of our guests was Norman Thomas Marshall, an actor from New York who performs a play telling the life of the activist John Brown. You should be able to find the recording of that show either on Youtube or the Revolution Radio Network or here:

We talked about doing the right thing, violence for goodness’ sake, the historical relevance and perceptions of Brown. I just think John Brown is a fascinating person. Also Norman Thomas Marshall.

… During the recent standoff between the federal government and ranchers in Nevada – one of the ranchers reportedly said, “they will fire the first shot heard around the world and we’ll fire the rest.”

I am hoping that we will overturn this corrupt government by telling the truth.

About OKC, Waco, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston, all the fake terror events – JFK, RFK, MLK, Wellstone, the fake events that lead us into war – Vietnam – Iraq – the deception we take on to spread our influence around the globe in order to increase our wealth, and by doing that make others more poor, step on their backs and push their faces into the ground.

That’s what I’m hoping – by words to make revolution. …

… But I would also add … you just never know.


I work at a group home.

We had a training session last week, called “Customer Service.” After it was over I asked the trainer, who is also the regional director, or no, I guess I told her: This would all make more sense if we got raises, which we do not.

She asked if I had written to my state legislator regarding the push to raise the Minnesota minimum wage to $9.50. I said I had not, but why shouldn’t the raises come from within the company, why ask the state to pay for raises.

The workers scramble to exist on $10 an hour, and if we are serious about really caring for these people, why pay the ones who have the most contact with them a slave wage?

If we are serious, why not ask the guy at the start of the training video, the head of the company, to share what he has made from the residents and allow the workers to live a more human existence.

She responded: That’s communism.

We need a group home workers union in Duluth.


Ebook project:

Chuck Gregory and I are working to put my books into more affordable ebook format. Right now we have The American Dream, KGB, A Perfect Duluth Day, and Camp America or Love & Bigfoot In The Time of Swine Flu in ebook format on Amazon.com

Speak English is available on Smashwords.

SWEAT … global warming in a small town and other tales of The Great American Westerly Midwest is FREE on Smashwords, along with The Bigfoot Chronicles, and the others in the “In A Small Town” series: Dumb Guys … hunting in a small town; HOLY CRAP! … religion in a small town; White Picket Fences … Homeland Security in a small town; and Popguns & Pacemakers … patriotism in a small town.


New book project

Chuck Gregory and I recently completed a book project. Well, not recently, last fall. “The Dynamic Duo: White Rose Blooms in Wisconsin, Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer & The American Resistance” is available on Amazon.

The second book in this series is now in the works. It will deal with all these false flag events we have been having in the United States post-911, all these seemingly fake events that must have some sort of purpose, right?

The third in the trilogy — all published by Chuck Gregory’s CWG Press — will ask questions about the alleged moon landing, and the deaths of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, as well as the holocaust.




This is the original New American Dream website, begun in 2009. It got hacked, or something, but there is still good stuff there.


Saturday – going to the woods, I hope if I can get in with the snow. Really need snowshoes. I will be looking for Bigfoot, as always. The truth. It’s out there.

Last week – snow inside my rubber boots, like feet caked in ice, couldn’t get boots off, then I did.

Happy Easter. Have a nice weekend. We are headed to Minneapolis.

Thank you for taking a look here and for listening to the New American Dream Radio Show. It is all much appreciated.

– Mike

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